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Flying non-direct routes can be a good way to cut down on flight costs, but they do result in those dreaded layovers. If it’s a short layover, you’ve got a chance to stretch your legs, freshen up in a washroom that isn’t the size of a small closet and go for a wander around Duty-Free. If it’s a really long layover, you’ve got time to visit a new city. The most troublesome layovers to deal with, however, are those pesky 5- or 6-hour ones where you don’t have quite enough time to leave the airport but you have a bit too much time to just hang around the gate.

Luckily, Citywide Taxi drivers are some of the best tour guides in their own right. They know every nook and cranny. The points of interest. And some secrets spots. Rather than leaving you with the stress of navigating the St John's limited public transport system while the clock is ticking,

Citywide are always offering adhoc however organized excursions that’ll whisk you around the main sites, minus the hefty cost of a private tour. Plus they’ll get you back in the departures lounge with plenty of time to board your next flight.

Pretty nifty, right? Maybe a quick Fish and Chips or for a real treat get you Screeched In.

City Wide Taxi

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