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I had a very bad experience and will not be using this taxi service again if I can help it. I arrived at the airport with my family (including a 5 year old and an infant) after nearly two days travelling. Because there were four of us and we had a lot of luggage we needed a van. I walked up to the first van that was parked outside and the driver (Abdul) rolled down the window and told me I would have to take the car in front of the line which was a sedan. I explained to him that we needed a van to fit our luggage, he sent me away again and said I’d have to wait. As I walked away the supervisor approached and told me and my two children to get in the cab. My husband was waiting on the last of our luggage and it took him 12 minutes to make it to the cab where we waited. The driver complained the entire time about us making him wait and did so very rudely. He didn’t take any care packing our bags in the van and when he drove away a 50 lb suitcase fell over on my son. He didn’t even ask if he was ok, he just continued to complain to my husband because he had to wait (with the meter running btw) when we got to our destination the meter said $72.50 and he charged me $82.50 on debit bc he angrily said I had played with his livelihood by making him wait when I questioned the charge. I told him I had intended to give him a tip for his time. He told me to give him a tip too. I paid the fee ( no tip) and he didn’t even help unload the luggage. I arrived home very upset. I will not be using this service again. The man was very rude and unprofessional.
I have been living in Newfoundland for almost 40 years and I just had the worst experience with a taxi ride. I got picked up by a city wide cab at the airport and the driver had no idea where the street I needed to go to was located (he even kept saying that the street did not exist). He looked on google map and still could not find it(he was doing that while driving) he contacted the dispatcher who also did not know where it was because the driver kept saying it/spelling it wrong. I understand that english is not his first language (he is probably from India) it is not my first language either so I get it! But I kept spelling the name for him and he was getting mad at me because I did not know where the street was located (silly me, I expected a cab driver to know the city better than me). He got very impatient with me saying that this was a very busy time for him (it was 4 am) and that he was losing money dealing with this fare so he offered to drop me off on the side of the road ( a small road just outside the airport) or take me back from the airport. He finally impatiently handed me his phone and I wrote the name myself on google map and got the directions for him. My own car was waiting for me at that location so I got out of the cab to go unlock my car and the driver rushed to get my suitcase out of his trunk to put it in the back of my car but since it was full I told him that the suitcase could go on the back seat but as I was saying that, I noticed that he was already driving away. He had left the back of my car opened and my suitcase in the middle of the street. And let me add one more thing: the first thing he asked me when I got in the car was if I was going to pay using debit or cash. Since I said cash, he did not use the meter at all and just gave me a number/total before we even got to the destination. That is not the experience I needed after finally getting home, after a very hard visit home for a painful funeral and a long plane ride with a 5hours delay...it sure did not feel like home sweet home. It felt like a hustle, like a rush to make money (everything was rushed) and it was very obviously all about the money and not one bit about the client. Very disappointing.
A very big thank you to the the driver of Car 29 this morning. You made a very stressful morning for my daughter so much easier. I can't thank you enough for the kindness shown to her. Everything is new when attending a university that is so far from home and you made today's necessary trip so much eaiser for her. I wish I knew your name so we could give you a proper shout out, but for now...Car 29...thank you!
A big shoutout going to the lad who drove me and my patient to dialysis on Wednesday in your wheelchair bus. He was so cautious and attentive to my client. Your service was second to none. I'm Happy City Wide will be looking after us at Glenbrook Lodge
I got picked up in the Gould’s and was headed close to downtown. Frank was the most personable! We had such a great conversation. Thank you for making my day.
An amazing experience. My driver picked me up at the hotel within minutes of calling. When I told him I was visiting this province for the first time he took me the long way to my destination and turned the meter off to charge me as if we went the short way. He pointed out some of the must see attractions of the city. He was super friendly and City Wide is lucky to have him working for them

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