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Your website says you offer the service of booking ahead of time. I tried to do this over the phone but your dispatch said there was no point, I could have the taxi van I needed within minutes. He was wrong. Instead my guests waited for an hour in the middle of the night at the airport for a taxi van to arrive. Terrible service. I’m extremely disappointed and will be discouraging everyone I know from using City Wide.
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Sunday night/Monday morning, my girlfriend paid for a cab ride from the Holdsworth court lineup to 32 Gower St. using her debit card. The driver said they did not have tap, and that she would have to insert her card. Later that day there was an unauthorized transaction made from her account in Flatrock (while we were in town) for $1100. We believe that she was a victim of a shimming scam, that the driver had modified or slipped a device into the slot of the debit machine that could intercept her chip information. There was also a camera fixed to the rear view mirror that could have seen her enter her pin as well. We will be able to provide further transaction details to assist with an investigation in this matter, and if you don't begin an investigation, we will. Thank you for your efforts in this matter.
An amazing experience. My driver picked me up at the hotel within minutes of calling. When I told him I was visiting this province for the first time he took me the long way to my destination and turned the meter off to charge me as if we went the short way. He pointed out some of the must see attractions of the city. He was super friendly and City Wide is lucky to have him working for them

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